Occupational Services in Delaware

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a division of medicine designed to ensure safety and health in the workplace. Employee health and its effect on productivity are a critical focus for businesses and occupational health. Employers must understand that the indirect costs of absenteeism, and/or poor work performance due to work-related injury/illness, significantly drain company resources.

Ambient Care offers a comprehensive occupational health program that provides preventive care as well as management of injuries that need urgent attention. This comprehensive program includes:

Treatment of Work-Related Injury/Illness (Minor Lacerations, Burns, Strains/Sprains, Minor Fractures and More)

Injuries do not happen on schedule. When your employees experience an on-the-job injury, let us help you by providing care that is safe, comprehensive and fast. We will quickly see and treat the problem. We have on-site x-ray and lab. We stitch up minor lacerations and take care of wounds. We have many orthopedic supplies from crutches to splints and the ability to cast. We are well equipped to conveniently take care of your workplace injuries. Our service does not stop with treatment of injury. Ambient Care places strong emphasis on communication with your company, and will develop a treatment plan based on employee ability and the functional requirements of the workplace. It is our mission to get your employee back to work as soon as it is feasibly possible.

Physicals (DOT, Pre-Employment Physicals Tailored for Your Business)

Ambient Care performs physical exams that are tailored to suit the needs of your company. We offer routine Pre-Employment physicals, DOT physicals, and physical exam packages that are performed according to the American Medical Association guidelines. We can customize a physical exam with the addition of spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing), respirator mask fit testing, EKG, Tuberculosis (PPD) screening, and urine/ serum drug screening. A Certified DOT Medical Examiner available for your company at Ambient Care!

Laboratory and X-Rays

Ambient Care is equipped and ready to give you convenient access to healthcare without the wait. On-site lab and x-ray services consolidate care with one convenient location.

Drug Testing

A drug-free workplace is a safer and more productive workplace. Drug use can increase absenteeism and injuries. Ambient Care can manage your company’s drug screening program with the utmost efficiency and confidentiality.

Other Occupational Health Services Offered at Ambient Care Include:

  • X-Ray
  • EKG
  • On-Site Lab
  • Drug Testing/DOT, non DOT
  • Vaccinations
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Drug Screening
  • Post Injury Assessment